Brooks Richey

Content Strategist, Content Director

Award-winning copywriter, content and brand strategist, UX writer and AI-chatbot language designer experienced in creating content assets, content products and marketing programs that optimize user engagement, brand, and revenue.

My Work History

Had writing and creative leadership roles at ad agencies including Ogilvy and Ross Roy/BBDO. As digital rose, I started digital firm Adhocracy to focus on how to bring content and better content experiences to digital media and digital products. I took that experience with me to work for Comcast on their digital products X1 and Xfinity Home, then for GS1 US and GS1 Global, then a global AI product designed for Fortune 500 companies.


PwC – Nov 2018 – Present

Architects conversational experiences, conversational layers for systems, and content around AI chatbot solutions and voice user interfaces to help clients automate communication, improve service delivery and create personalized customer experiences at scale. Works with UX, developers, and product owners on creating conversational logic, design dialog flow, microcopy and maintaining brand persona across all conversations. Collaborates with NLP teams to design utterances reflecting user intent. Helps design content and metadata for voice search. Employs conversation repair and disambiguation to ensure positive conversational experiences.

Lead for developing voice assistant designed to be a commercial product for the enterprise.

Hero Digital – Feb 2017 – July 2018

Content lead and manager tasked with analyzing and strategizing ways to enhance the value of content across digital platforms to improve customer experience, user engagement, and prospect conversion. Directed and provided editorial direction to content creation talent. Created content for key projects. Recommended content tools, workflows and governance processes for optimizing client content goals.

Helped land million-dollar Chemours global web content-only project, Developed content program for Navy Federal that raised conversions 14%. Created content for industry award-winning UHS website.

Bailey Brand Consulting – Sep 2014 – Jan 2017

Part of on-site, client-integrated team and acting content director for GS1 US and content strategist for Brussels-based GS1 Global. Defined content strategy for the US and international member organizations’ online initiatives and product rollouts. Involved with taxonomy, card sorting, content auditing, content development and setting editorial standards for GS1 US 5000-page site relaunch.

Comcast – Oct 2012 – Sep 2014

Responsible for product content strategy, microcopy, and content in relation to web, mobile apps and the TV set-top UI for Comcast’s Xfinity Home and X1 Entertainment Platform. Crafted Xfinity Home utterances and intents for voice remote development. Helped reimagine Xfinity Home rules concepts for user control of IoT devices. Crafted and documented universal voice and tone guidelines for Xfinity Home in-product digital experiences.

Adhocracy Marketing Group – Aug 2001– Jun 2012

Crafted and launched marketing and brand-building initiatives for multi-million dollar brands. Brought in 80% of the firm’s new business and led many of the firm’s award-winning marketing campaigns. As the company became digital-first, I led the design and development teams in creating digital products and optimizing user experience. This includes creating web applications sold to and used by Apple, Limited Brands and
Best Buy.

Landed clients including FLIR, Macho Products, Lutron

Garfield Group – Aug 1999 – Aug 2001
Led creative development and messaging strategy for a group of technology accounts within the largest technology marketing firm in the Northeast. Managed and mentored a diverse creative department of art directors, copywriters, production artists, and freelancers.